Lameness Evaluations/Sports Medicine and Podietry

We are proud to offer sports medicine services for horses of all ages and activity levels. Both Dr. David and Dr. Rebecca attend continuing education courses as often as possible to further advance and refine their lameness skills.

Advanced Diagnostics

Bucks county equine offers top of the line digital radiography, ultrasonography, and upper airway endoscopy which can be performed both on the farm, as well as at our facility.

State of the Art Treatments

We have a wide range of treatment options available to provide the best treatment options for each individual horse we care for. Our treatments include joint injections, shockwave therapy, bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC), and pro-stride. We are also able to perform minor, out patient surgeries at our facility.

Alternative Medicine- Acupuncture, Osteopathy, and Spinal Manipulation

Dr. David is trained in both acupuncture and osteopathy. Osteopathy is a therapy similar to chiropractic, which focus on the nervous system and alignment and mobility of the spine. Dr. Rebecca is also trained in acupuncture, and has also completed training in equine spinal manipulation (chiropractic). Spinal manipulation also focuses on the nervous system and restrictions in the axial skeleton with a slightly different approach on adjustments. We find that osteopathy and spinal manipulation pair well with acupuncture, and many times may prevent or prolong the time between treatments with western medical therapies and medications. We have found benefits with these treatments in all horses- from top athletes to older retired horses.

Routine Wellness Care

In addition to advanced lameness care, we offer preventative care and maintenance as well. This includes vaccines, basic internal medicine and nutrition, deworming protocols, basic ophthalmology, and anything else that may present itself to us while at a farm. Offering these services allows us to develop a relationship with our patients and clients to help proved the best care possible.

24/7 Emergency Care

One of our doctors is always available  around the clock- whether to help talk you through health issues after hours, or to come to the farm at any time of day or night to care for your horse in the event of an emergency. Emergency services are reserved for current clients only to be able to best serve our clients.